Sneak Peak Kris Evans and Torsten Ullman bareback raw ass fucking


Belami says: Belami’s Summer of Love is coming up trumps again. The hot bare backing summer of raw ass love is truly upon us and it’s flip flopping fabulous. Here’s a few of the hot young twinks that are hitting the airwaves over the coming few weeks.

Gay porn and Belami’s super gay porn star Kris Evans make a grand entrance in a scorching hot flip flop bare ass fucking with Belami newbie Torsten Ullman.

Vadim Farrell and Rhys Jagger are also in the bottom to top flip flop as well as Adam Archuleta and Marc Ruffalo. Sexy new boy on the block Antony Lorca is here with his double jerk off with Ronny Lamarr.

Belami keeps us busy with hot flip flop bareback fuckings with Marcel Gassion, Roald Ekberg, Gaelan Binoche, Tom Pollock, Johnny Bloom, Jim Kerouac, Zac De Haan and Milan Sharpe. Talk about busy boys there’s not a condom in sight at Belami towers in Prague.

Not to be outdone there are hot solos from Helmut Huxley, Kevin Warhol, Jeroen Mondrian plus many more.



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Jason Sterling sole jerking his big straight dick


Broke Straight Boys says: Jason Sterling is here from Louisville, Kentucky, and this out doors man passes his time hunting and fishing and enjoying sports. The money he earns here he will put towards raising his son and the rest he will spend on himself…but before he gets paid, we need to see some cock.

Jason admits that he’s very nervous, but it’s not like he’s never gotten himself off before, so we’re confident that this blonde hottie will do just fine.

He takes his clothes off and shows us his slim but toned body, playing with his dick absentmindedly as he answers a few more questions before we set him loose to do his thing.

He lies back on the couch and looks into the camera as he grabs his cock and starts to stroke it, running his hand up and down over his shaft as it gets harder and bigger.

As he jerks his prick, he grabs his balls and massages them and you can tell by the way his muscles clench that he’s getting closer to cumming. He starts pulling on his dick harder and faster until he unleashes a huge load all over himself.

What an impressive cumshot for a first-timer, we can’t wait to welcome him back for more than just a solo scene.


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New Staxus muscle twink Kyle Willis fucks Joel Vargas’ tight boy hole


Staxus says: We’re not totally convinced that cigars come as standard issue for enlisters in the Czech army, but they’re clearly one little luxury that young recruits, Joel Vargas, and new boy, Kyle Willis, are determined to make the very most of.

Not that anyone could possibly blame them for taking a break from a life of fighting and killing; and, finding a quiet corner of the woods to relax, these two horny army boys take a chance to enjoy the simple pleasures that only long, hard phallic objects can give a man.

And (obviously!) we’re not just talking cigars here. In fact, the smoking session is very quickly abandoned once both fellows begin to realise that there’s much more fun to be had with the contents of each others’ khaki trousers at which point Vargas immediately makes a bee-line for Willis’s big dick, like a hunter pouncing on his prey.

You could almost feel sorry for the new boy were it not for the look on his cute little face that tells you that he’s more than made-up by the move a sentiment that’s only underlined by the manner with which he returns the favour shortly afterwards.

Indeed, you don’t need to be too much of a sexual expert to realise that this is one young fellow who won’t be truly happy until he’s got his compatriot’s huge cock pushing into his guts in order to give his inexperienced boy hole the stretching it’s always dreamed of.

Not that he has to wait too long for that fantasy to become reality. Soon he’s being given a good old-fashioned Vargas workout, taking every inch of solid huge twink dick and spewing the contents of his balls in the process. All nicely topped off by Vargas collecting his pay-cheque by blasting his cum all over the lad’s tight asshole.



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Sexy young stud Roman Todd fucks big muscle daddy Dirk Caber’s tight asshole

Men-com-sexy-young-naked-stud-Roman-Todd-ass-fucked-hot-big-daddy-Dirk-Caber-escort-butt-hole-rimming-cocksucking-anal-assplay-001-gay-porn-sex-porno-video-pics-gallery-photo says: Roman Todd is in a hard spot and is soon to be evicted from his apartment until his neighbor, Dirk Caber, suggests
escorting. After some thought, Roman decides to give it a shot and posts an ad. Within minutes he receives an email and heads to a hotel to make a little cash.

When Roman enters the room he is surprised by a familiar face and a very.



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Blonde straight bearded hunk jerks his first ever cumshot online


Straight Fraternity says: Blonde straight bearded hunk Shawn shot some straight porn about a year ago, and he’s looking to get back in the game. He reveals his worked out physique and strokes out a thick cum load in this audition.


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Nude straight boy Draven Caine jerks his hard erect cock to a huge cum explosion


Broke Straight Boys says: Today we welcome Draven Caine to the studio, and even though it’s this stud’s first time doing porn, he seems incredibly at ease in front of the camera. When he drops his pants and shows us that ass, we also get to drink in his sexy muscles and tight body as he turns around, his cock already hard and waiting for action.

With Draven ready to go, we don’t want to make him wait any longer and he lies back on the couch and rubs his cock, running his hand across his body and over his balls as he massages his dick.

His meat gets even bigger as he plays with himself, using two hands to stroke that fat cock as he makes himself comfortable on the couch, jerking off and breathing heavily as he gets hornier with each yank of his prick.

Draven’s hard muscles flex beneath his skin as he wraps his hands around his thick, throbbing cock and starts to rub it faster and faster. As he gets closer to cumming, he lets out some short moans and his body writhes in pleasure until he unleashes a huge load, soaking his perfect abs with hot cum.

With such a sexy solo, we can’t wait to see what else Draven’s got in store for us.


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Butch Dixon’s top bareback the only place to go for hardcore raw fucking


Butch Dixon says: Featuring Rocco Steele, Craig Daniel, Letterio, Riley Tess, Delta Kobra and many more! The stickiest, spunkiest, hairiest studs in all their gooey, bareback glory. The big boys of bareback get stuck in with this one-stop-shop of raw action. If you’re not popping your cork all over the place with this selection you’re already dead! Tight holes, eager mouths and sticky, cum-slick, uncut cock abound as we spunk up and all over the hottest, fuzzy peaches and down right hairy buns and sweaty, raw holes.



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Straight young man Ricky Zumbajo’s a sexy blushing smiling stud with a big dick


UK Naked Men says: Straight lad Ricky Zumbajo is instant crush material. What other job can you have in which you get to ask straight boys to strip off, show off, play with their foreskins and wank out a creamy load of seed?

This is Ricky’s first time, he’s as eager as he is unsure, he’s only had one experience with a guy, during a threesome, so fair to say this cute, hung, uncut honey is totally virginal and UN-manhandled.

He’s a sexy, blushing, smiling stud with a big dick, a creamy load, and cute smooth buns. We spend particular attention with that long, rippling foreskin, we know you luv’em.



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Hardcore young men fucking Ian Levine and JD Phoenix


Icon Male says: Sexy young men Ian Levine and JD Phoenix get it together. As they jump onto the bed they strip naked and fuck hard. Hardcore gay ass fucking. Awesome.



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Connor Maguire’s huge dick fuck big muscle guy Dirk Caber’s tight muscle ass