Logan James jerks his huge dick to a massive cum explosion

Active Duty says: When Logan James came in and sat down to chat with Claude for the first time, I’m told he was a tad nervous, but was clearly excited about the prospect of stripping down and tugging his meat for a viewing audience.
Claude’s impression was that Logan would be a perfect addition to our little platoon and our other recruits would be more than happy to welcome him into the fold…Active Duty style.
After the usual chit chat with our boy Claude, Logan pulls off his gray camo underwear and begins fattening up his meat. Claude starts out with a nice shot that frames Logan’s sophisticatedly handsome-looking face and his swelling cock being jerked.
Hungry recruit that loves to be fucked hard. Well at least that’s why MY fingers are crossed. Next, Claude shoots over Logan’s shoulder for what I like to call a ‘stroker’s-eye view.’
Boy, what a excellent dick on this recruit. Logan has oiled up that beautiful erection just perfectly and is, by this time, losing himself in the moment, enjoying that feeling when the dick grease is starting to warm up. Claude then comes underneath Logan to show us a nice look at Logans balls.
This shot always makes me anxious for that hot load, but I know we’re still just getting comfortable with this newbie. We get some more action from Logan in his socks, while looking down on him on the couch, then we get another great underneath view, this time as Logan is on his feet.
Claude takes full advantage of this, and ends up swinging around to Logan’s back side to get a nice look at his…well, backside haha. And my goodness, what a strong derriere on this sexy recruit. He has the type of ass that certainly begging to be pounded.
Before Logan erupts all over himself, Claude catches another great moment that showcases Logan’s tasty-looking balls. This is when I noticed how hot Logan’s hands are. They’re masculine, but with a refined elegance…qualities I might guess of the hands belonging to a well-trained musician. I guess his story checks out.


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Jess returns to bareback Porter's tight raw asshole

Sean Cody says: Jess is back. Jess is back. Jess is back. It has been a while but we finally have Jess back to rock Sean Cody with his huge beautiful dick.
Jess has been gone for a few years, however, once he started having Porter worship his cock he was glad to be back. “Look at this kid suck this, how could you not miss being here” Jess smiled.
Sit back and watch this Sean Cody legend go to town on Porter’s hole and welcome back Jess.


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Landon Mycles and JJ Knight hardcore ass fucking

Men.com says: Landon Mycles is in town for business and wants to get fucked after a long day. He calls up the concierge who kindly sends up JJ Knight to ravage Landon’s hole with his enormous dick.


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Black sex-god Hector Agusti fucks French cutie Gabriel Angel

Staxus says: Warning! Fans of black flesh will be in chronic danger of hyperventilation during the opening moments of this fabulous set-piece thanks to a decision by the director, John Smith, to feature sex-god, Hector Agusti, in a sensuous poolside romp.
Armed with a small bottle of massage oil and his very big dick, the dark warrior quite literally puts all his competitors to shame proving in the process that he could easily carry any scene just on his own. Contrary to what you may conclude from these initial images of the fellow rubbing himself up in every way possible, however, this is not a solo.
Instead, the action soon transfers to a nearby villa, where Agusti is now entertaining horny French cutie, Gabriel Angel. Needless to report, the black stud’s idea of playing host to a twink does not in any way involve plying the lad with refreshments or romancing him with music.
Not that a cock-crazed beauty like Angel would be in any way interested in that sort of thing anyway! Indeed, the young French boy is soon diving down onto the stud’s crotch pulling that thick, black mamba from the fellow’s briefs and making love to it with his mouth like it was his raison d’etre.
To his credit, the Dutch master gives a rigorous blowout in return; but it’s always going to be the pale-skinned beauty’s fuck-hole that takes the ultimate hit, and it comes as no surprise when Agusti first rims and then bangs Angel’s pucker.
It’s a move that obviously pleasures the twink no end rupturing his cum-sac in the process, before taking a face-load of hot jizz courtesy of the black guy’s erupting shaft.


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Hairy chest college twink Marvin shoots a big cum load onto his face

Island Studs says: Horny Marvin really enjoys showing off his thin hairy boy body, totally covered in layers of sexy hairy man fur. Check out his tight, white boy butt completely covered in a full bush of dark hair as he shaves his scruffy face in the bathroom sink before he starts to jerk his long boy cock.
It is very hot to watch this sexy twink walk around the condo with his hard hairy cock and balls slapping against his hairy legs as he walks. As he bends over jerking his rock hard cock, his hairy butt cheeks open wide to expose his dark hairy boy hole.
Watch as cute hairy Marvin turns his furry butt to the camera and bends over wide a second time, revealing his pink, hair covered butt hole.


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SCANDAL IN VATICAN 2: Kevin Warhol, Hoyt Kogan, Claude Sorel and Marcel Gassion

Belami says: In the last episode of the stunning romp through the Vatican, Brother Massimo (played by Joel Birkin) finally comes through with his end of the bargain and procures 2 of the hottest Swiss Guards ever for Belami Online boys Kevin Warhol and Claude Sorel.
For months the boys have been doing anything and anyone they can in order to get their hands on an elusive Swiss Guard and in the finale it pays off with an explosive 4-way featuring Kevin and Claude with two stunning Swiss Guards played by Hoyt Kogan and Marcel Gassion.
It’s the perfect ending to this one-of-kind series that everyone has been talking about for months.


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Aitor Bravo worshipping Alex Graham's armpits

Dominic Ford says: DF’s new hit series, Barcelona, is back. We traveled to Spain to film the Mediterranean’s hottest studs in 4K. That’s right: 4K Gay Porn, and it’s amazing.
The second scene, Barcelona: Pits, features Aitor Bravo worshipping Alex Graham’s armpits before Alex gives him a hard pounding. We noticed, a long time ago, that Alex has amazing armpits.
This week they take center stage as Aitor sniffs and licks them, making Alex squirm with pleasure. When they fuck, Aitor takes Alex’s cock like a champ. These guys are scorching hot.


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Straight brothers Devon and Darius jerking together

Island Studs says: Listen to younger brother Devon laugh loudly at his older brother Darius, when I announce that Darius has a big wide rip in his boxer shorts underwear revealing his big black athletic ass for all to see. One of the best moments in this film is watching the two brothers sitting side by side, balls out naked in front of the camera together, talking about women.
Devon’s beautiful cock becomes rock hard totally “hands free” just from the sexy conversation with his brother. Watch older brother Darius’ reaction when his sees his brother’s big black dick throbbing next to him.


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Franco blindfolds Joey and demands that he blow a guy

Straight Fraternity says: Before he can be initiated, Joey has to prove that he will suck any cock presented to him. So Franco blindfolds Joey and demands that he blow a guy at one of the Straight Fraternity glory holes.


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Zeno Kostas raw ass fucking Chandler Scott

Broke Straight Boys says: Chandler Scott and Zeno Kostas do a little show-and-tell with their tattoos, taking off their shirts to show each other what they’ve got, and that’s when Zeno moves in, kissing Chandler from behind and making him crave Zeno’s expert lips. They make out for a minute before Zeno is on the move, working his way down to Chandler’s cock and then yanking those boxers off and taking Chandler’s sweet dick in his mouth.
Zeno sucks and deep throats that dick, not afraid to get a little messy if it means his partner is enjoying himself, and Zeno’s skilled tongue has Chandler hard in seconds. They switch and Zeno gets his cock sucked, but when he’s had enough oral he bends Chandler over and fingers his hole then rims Chandler’s tight entrance before lubing up and fucking it.
Zeno slides his hard shaft in and out of Chandler’s ass, going faster as Chandler’s ass stretches around Zeno’s long, fat cock. Chandler gets on the all fours, taking Zeno’s dick doggy style, then flipping over onto his back and grabbing his own cock to stroke while Zeno fucks him. Chandler yanks on his dick until he drains it all over himself, and Zeno pulls out and add his own cum to the pile.


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