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Next Door Studios says: Newbie hottie Tanner Hyde is relaxing at home alone. He’s lying naked on his bed, stroking his huge thick uncut dick.

He reaches around and fingers his smooth asshole. He spreads those ass cheeks getting his fingers deep into his hot hole.

Once his hole is lubed up he pulls out a huge rubber dildo sex toy, pressing the head into his ass.

He pumps his ass with the dildo moaning as he gets its further inside his ass. He swaps it out for an even bigger sex toy.

He works his ass onto that toy whilst wanking his huge uncut dick until he is on the edge of orgasm. He then shoots huge streams of cum all over his stomach and chest. He’s sated for now.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Hard Brit Lads says: Max English an inked rugby player and Dan Jensen get together in this rugged outdoor gay sex scene.

It’s mid-summer and the sun beats down as Max and Dan clamber over a gate and find some shade in a field, under a tree.

They make out, kissing and groping each other, their bulging crotches visible in the shiny Addidas sports shorts.

The undress slipping off each other’s t-shirts and taking it in turns to suck on their hard nipples.

Max grabs Dan’s shorts and pulls out his hard erect uncut cock, which glistens with precum.

Dan then reaches down to Max’s massive dick, which is bouncing around below his low hanging balls, almost fully erect.

Then Dan falls to his knees and sucks Max’s big uncut cock deep to the back of his throat till he is gagging on his balls.

As Max’s cock slides in and out of Dan’s mouth, he gets super rock hard as Dan takes the full length all the way in.

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With Dan on all fours, Max exposes his tight pink hole before pushing his tongue inside for some hot deep rimming.

Dan leans forward against the tree trunk with his leg up, as Max rubs his big dick against his moist hole, before slowly pushing it in.

Dan moans and Max begins to fuck him deep, gently at first, then gradually speeding up to give him a good pounding.

Later, with Dan on his back, Max pushes his cock in as far as it will go, then pulls out almost completely.

He fucks like this for a bit, then fucks harder and faster.

Max grips Dan’s ankles and starts slamming, fucking till he can’t take it anymore.

The lads stand, kiss, and jerk off.

Max shoots hard, spunk landing on the tree stump where they fucked, followed by Dan, who shoots several thick, heavy squirts of creamy white jizz.

They catch their breath and kiss as the sun sets behind them. Hot stuff.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Hot young 24 year old European guy first time gay anal sex Czech Hunter 459

CzechHunter says: When I met this new guy in the street I felt like I had won the lottery.

Young Michal turned out to be 24 years old but he still had very boyish teenage looks, very sexy with a cheeky chirpy bonhomie.

He was a young cutie adorable with a lean body and an adorable smile. Yeap Michal was lovely but he was about to get totally wrecked by mu big uncut dick.

He lived at home with his girlfriend but he wasn’t shy about showing me his cock.

He amazed me when he agreed to give me a blow job sucking me right there. I didn’t feel like walking so I called us a taxi.

I was so horny that we had to start right in the car.

I wanted this sweet boy to have fun so later I showed him how a proper blowjob looks like.

He liked it, judging by his enormous boner…

Michal was a bit intimidated by my cock but agreed to have sex with me.

He loved it and happily agreed to meet me again.

I hope he’ll get broke because I would fuck this boy every day.

I can’t wait to see him again.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Sean Cody says: We visit Brandon Cody at his hotel room early in the morning only to find Manny is already there under the covers sucking his big cock.

We asked, “Hi Brandon did you wake up with both a morning woody and a Manny in the same bed?”

Manny interrupts his cock sucking to respond, “I mean, what other better way to wake up? Manny just kept sucking Brandon’s huge cock.

Brandon’s dick was his.

He was so aroused that he couldn’t control himself and came all over Brandon’s dick and licked it all up again.

Back at the studio, Brandon and Manny were all over each other. This goes without saying, but Brandon really pounded Manny out good.

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Hot step dad Adam Herst’s huge dick fucks young step son Travis Stevens’ hot ass hole says: Hottie young twink Travis Stevens loves to film himself jerking off for his online friends.

Potential trouble arises when Travis barges into his new stepdad Adam Herst’s bedroom to find him jerking off to some porn on his laptop.

Travis seizes the laptop and is surprised to find that Adam is wanking off to his own homemade gay porn.

After a short argument, Travis pushes Adam back down onto the bed and opens his bathrobe, grabbing his huge erect cock, and sucking it to the back of his throat. Travis gags on Adam’s huge man meat.

Adam returns the favor sucking his young dick and sliding his tongue deep along his smooth ass crack, getting his tongue deep into his hot boy hole.

Travis spreads his legs as Adam pushes his massive thick dick into his well-lubed hole fucking him in a number of different sex positions.

The fucking continues with Travis’ smooth ass hole taking a real hard pounding until he can take no more spraying his hot boy cum all over his stomach and chest. He is quickly followed by Adam who covers them both in his man cum.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Sexy young stud Michael Boston’s huge cock fucks Casey Owens’ hot bubble ass

Broke Straight Boys says: Casey Owens has a secret desire to fuck in every conceivable place around the house indoors and out.

Today he has got his eye on Michael Boston who is just about to take a shower.

As the water rains down Casey slips into the shower behind Michael surprising him with his hare erect cock.

They kiss passionately, making out in the steam. Casey drops to his knees taking Michael’s big cock into his mouth and choking it back.

Michael moans as the intensity grows with his balls slapping against Casey’s wet lips.

Casey licks Michael’s cock up and down al the way to his balls. Then Michael switches places giving Casey a deep rim job getting his tongue deep between Casey’s bubble butt ass cheeks.

Then Michael spreads Casey’s smooth ass apart and licking that tight hole before turning his attention to Casey’s big cock.

As they both stand up again, they kiss, lathering one another up with some soap then pressing their wet, slick bodies together, their aching cocks brushing against each other.

Michael turns Casey away from him, grabbing that ass and pushing his raw cock into it as Casey moans at the intrusion.

Michael fucks into Casey’s ass at a steady rhythm, filling him up to the brim with his fat cock until both these hot boys are shooting a big load.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Interracial step brother fuckers Michael Boston and Adrian Hart’s lockeroom flip flop anal fucking

Next Door Taboo says: Stepbrothers Adrian Hart and Michael Boston are in the locker room after a hot gym session.

When they are left alone Michael gives Adrian the secret look and Adrian moves closer and they sexy boys start making out. Kissing passionately as they quickly undress.

Standing there naked Adrian drops to his knees and Michael feeds him his thick long cock. Adrian chokes down hard on that monster dick gagging when it is balls deep in his throat.

The boys get caught but are not worried as Adrian rims Michael hot ass getting his tongue deep between his muscled ass cheeks.

Michael is first to fuck Adrian’s hot black asshole. Then Adrian gets his chance to fuck Michael’s tight bubble butt.

The continue fucking till both of them are close to orgasm. Adrian shoots his load first quickly followed by Michael who dumps a full load all over Adrian’s ripped abs.

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Ripped muscle dude Derek Bolt’s tight asshole flip flop fucked hard by Dr Pierce Paris’ huge thick dick

Hot House says: Doctor Pierce Paris pulls back the curtain to find Derek Bolt waiting for examination for a pulled groin muscle.

Pierce asks Derek to strip off his clothes so he can take a closer look.

As soon as Pierce sees Derek standing there in just his tight underwear the bulge in Pierce’s crotch is getting larger.

It is only a matter of seconds before patient Derek notices the huge crotch bulge and he reaches forward and unleashes Pierce’s massive thick dick.

Derek is hungry for cock and grabs Pierce by the crotch to pull him closer.

As Derek opens his mouth wide, he sucks the needy doctor until neither of them can possibly get any harder.

Pierce needs a taste of his horny patient and bends down over Derek so the two hunks can 69.

Pierce’s fat, throbbing cock is calling out for an eager asshole and after gauging Derek’s temperature with his tongue, the doc slams his big pole deep inside Derek’s hole.

Pierce’s massive sack flops against Derek’s hairy taint with every frenzied thrust as the lucky patient calls out for more.

Before the doctor can blow his load, he wants a feel of Derek inside him, so he rolls over on the exam table and lets his patient impale him with his giant dick.

He slams Pierce, hitting all the right spots until both muscled-up studs make a mess on Pierce’s washboard abs and sweaty crotch.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Diego Sans fucks Zak Bishop’s mouth deepthroating his cock balls deep before fucking him senseless says: Handsome stud Zak Bishop has already partnered with gay porn star idol Diego Sans so he is very excited to be back together again today.

Before Diego arrives Zak can’t keep quiet he loves to talk about his favorite bits of Diego’s hot body. Of course, he loves to get fucked by Diego’s huge cock and he’s hoping against hope that there will be again plenty of passionate sex.

Then Diego with his sexy long hair joins Zak and they start making out with Diego kissing Zak with plenty of passion.

Diego fucks Zak’s mouth before sucking the bottom’s dick and turning him on like never before as he fingers Zak’s hole and tongues his busy.

Diego’s dick definitely hits all the right spots as Zak rides it, then the top fucks Zak nice and deep in doggy style before finishing up with Zak’s fave, mish, till the bottom cums, and Diego blows his load all over him.

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Big muscle dudes Jimmy Durano and Seven Dixons’ big erect dick muscled ass fucking

Raging Stallion says: Big muscle guy Seven Dixon makes out with massive muscle guy Jimmy Durano as they stand naked together.

Seven in just his high top sneakers kneels in front of Jimmy sucking down hard on his huge thick cock.

He’s excited at the thought of getting his ass fucked by Jimmy. Jimmy’s big dick is spit-lubed and super erect waiting to fuck his big muscle buddy.

Jimmy turns Seven around getting his tongue deep between his tight muscled ass cheeks going in deep into his hot hole.

Seven relaxes as Jimmy thrusts his hard dick deep into his bubble butt asshole.

Seven lays back for the next round so he can watch this muscular stud pound his horny hole.

Jimmy gives it to him hard and fasts until both men are ready to pump out big loads.

Nothing like seeing two massive muscle studs drenched in hot cum.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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