Sexy ripped young stud Parker Rowe strips out of his jeans wanking his huge uncut dick to a massive cumshot

Belami says: Sexy ripped young muscle boy Parker Rowe strips off his jeans and shows us his huge uncut dick.

Parker likes to maintain a somewhat hard man look and rarely smiles in front of the camera.

As his jeans drop to his ankles we see him manhandle his rocket-like cock to a massive erection.

Parker has a very hard stomach with his six-pack abs on display here. As he jerks his big uncut dick we see them ripple and flex.

He has very heavy cum filled low hanging balls which when he cum spurt cum at an explosive force right across his abs and bulging muscle chest.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Working from home stepdad Chris Damned bareback fucks young stepson Braden Taylor’s hot asshole

Family Dick says: Sexy business guy Chris Damned is busy working from home but he keeps getting distracted by his noisy young stepson Braden Taylor.

After Braden interrupts yet another meeting, Chris decides he needs to take care of Braden to keep his quiet.

He forces Braden under the desk and unleashes his huge hard uncut dick.

Braden works the huge cock in his mouth choking on it at the back of his throat.

Chris turns Braden around and pulls down his pants and shoves his massive uncut cock deep into his asshole.

Braden moans as Chris enters his hot hole. Chris braces himself on the desk pumping his dick even deeper.

Braden loves Chris taking his ass and bareback fucking him hard.

Then Chris stops suddenly and tells Braden to go do his homework. “What I don’t get to cum?” cries Braden.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Young ripped twink Daan Jeffries’ tight bubble ass bareback fucked by ginger stud Ronny Lamaar’s huge cock

Belami says: Sexy young ripped stud Daan Jeffries is enjoying a refreshing shower and wanking his hard erect uncut dick.

Suddenly ginger young dude Ronny Lamaar appears naked behind him. “Can I join you?”, he asks, “I can wash your back.”

Ronny rubs his hands up and down Daan’s body stopping at his peachy bubble butt.

Ronny squeezes his ass cheeks and rubs them firmly then reaches around and grabs Daan’s hard dick and wanks it for him.

The boys head to the bedroom and dry off.

Ronny then kneels on the floor and sucks Daan’s big dick. Daan moans as Ronny really gets his tongue around his foreskin.

Daan then turns around giving Ronny full access to his hairy asshole.

Ronny licks his ass crack and sucks his pink hole working his tongue deep inside. He licks his fingers and rubs them around his hole.

The boys head to the bed with Daan this time, sucking on Ronny’s big uncut twink dick.

They switch places and Ronny probes Daan’s hole with his huge raw cock. As he enters Daan cries out in ecstasy, he just loves a big dick in his bare ass.

They swap positions With Daan riding Ronny’s raw cock reverse cowboy. Daan is now fully in control and presses his ass down firmly on Ronny’s hard dick.

Daan is close to orgasm and with Ronny’s cock deep inside him he sprays cum all over his abs and chest.

Ronny then relaxes the fucking and shoots his explosive cum load all over them both before fucking his cum back into Daan’s hot ass.



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Sexy big muscle ebony stud Deep Dic’s big black cock barebacking Zario Travezz’s hot ass hole

Noir Male says: Sexy ebony muscle dude Deep Dic is prepped ready for a full-body sports massage and perhaps something more.

He lies on the massage table as masseur Zario Travezz drips oil onto his skin.

Deep relaxes as Zario hands and fingers smooth away all the stresses and aches in his muscular body.

As Zario massages his bare ass cheeks he can’t help noticing that Deep’s huge uncut dick is already getting hard.

When he gets Deep to turn over Zario grabs ahold of his big uncut monster cock with both hands.

Zario wanks him intensely sliding his foreskin up and down as he jerks.

He moves down and licks the tip of his cockhead before sucking his black dick deep into his mouth till it touches the back of his throat.

He can feel the movement of the foreskin in his mouth and he plays with it with his tongue.

Deep cannot wait any longer and he switches places with Zario so that he is lying on the bed and he presses his huge ebony cock deep between Zario’s bubble butt ass cheeks.

Deep bareback fucks Zario in long hard strokes in and out pumping him full of his massive dick as Zario wanks his own cock hard.

They change positions a few times each with Zario taking Deep’s big cock deeper and deeper his moans growing louder until Deep can hold off no longer and he blows his balls all over them covering them both in his hot cum.

Zario follows on quickly spraying cum all over his ripped abs and chest. What a relaxing happy ending massage that was.

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Young blonde straight dude sucks big uncut cock first time then bareback virgin anal sex at Czech Hunter 541

CzechHunter says: There is a place in Prague where guys who’ve had their hearts broken go to get over arguments, fights, and breakups.

Whilst it sounds a bit spooky, I thought I would give it a try, perhaps I could find some young guys there.

When I eventually found the place, it was pretty well hidden it appeared that there was no one around.

I was almost about to leave when I bumped into a guy who just broke up with his girlfriend.

He looked so relieved after ending it; this was a great opportunity to experiment a bit.

He wasn’t into it and needed some convincing. I guess he was nervous about a stranger with a camera… because he sure wasn’t afraid of gay stuff.

The dude had some experience from a few years back and was happy to show me his skills.

And his cock was so impressive! Almost as big as mine.

It was in nice contrast with his ass, which was incredibly tight and firm.

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Sexy hairy chested muscle stud Archie’s huge raw dick bareback fucks Cody Seiya’s hot bubble ass

Sean Cody says: Hairy chested muscle hunk Archie arrives back in the studio and he is really up to flip-flop fuck.

“I haven’t had a chance to do that in a while, and I’m in the mood for it.”

“I would actually love to bottom two my ass is aching for a big bare dick”

Hot new model Cody Seiya is into the idea of a flip-fuck.

“For the longest time I was a total bottom, and then I realized, hey, I have a nice dick, I should use it.”

These guys start with some passionate making out, and Archie admires Cody’s body when he takes his shirt off, then feeds him his cock before having the bottom ride him.

Cody takes a pounding in doggy-style and mish before he cums as he rides Archie’s dick and gets a hot creampie. Then it’s time for him to top.

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Super dominant top Commander Ares punishes his subordinate sub boy Roughkicks in latex straitjacket says: Today we have an update for true kinky players only, as we follow sexy shaved-headed sub dude Roughkicks on his trip into subspace.

The subordinate sub boy makes himself fully under the control of good looking dominant Commander Ares. He’s ready to be punished, his dick and balls kicked and abused, while he languishes in a tight latex straitjacket.

Commander Ares mixes pleasure with pain for his devoted sub as he combines breathplay, sensation play, and hot wax with playful kisses, restraints, and a lubed-up latex handjob.

Everyone gets to subspace differently… what route will you take?

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Big muscle tattooed hunk Bo Sinn’s huge dick bareback fucks young dude Felix Odair’s smooth asshole

Bromo says: Tattooed muscle hunk Bo Sinn is lurking in an alleyway in a dark raincoat, he’s nursing a huge boner. Who knew he was a flasher waiting for his next victim to show his huge dick.

When he arrives at the voting station when he sees election clerk clean-cut young stud Felix Odair jerking his big cock all alone during a quiet spell in voting.

Bo decides to give Felix a fright when he suddenly appears from nowhere and opens his coat showing him all that he’s got.

Felix gets hard and tries to top Bo, but Bo picks him up and carries him to the table where he fucks Felix’s mouth.

He puts the bottom up against the wall and bareback fucks his ass doggy style, then pounds him missionary and even ballerina in the voting booth.

Felix rides Bo’s cock reverse till he cums, and Bo gives the bottom a huge creampie.

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Father Joel Someone’s big thick dick bareback fucks young choirboy Zak Bishop’s smooth asshole

Yes Father says: Young sweet altar boy Zak Bishop has broken the rules again. Father Joel Someone questions him about the misdeeds.

Bearded Father Joel says the only way that he can stay is if he gives in to all of the pervy priest’s demands without complaint.

At confession, Zak admits to having impure thoughts.

Zak is one of Father Joel’s favorites and so he allows him to receive his penance for his sins.

Father Joel reaches forward and kisses the young Zak squarely on the lips, before reaching under his vestments to unleash his big thick cock. Which is already fully erect.

He pushes Zak down to his knees and guides his mouth onto the end of his hard dick.

Zak swallows the big cock caressing it with his tongue till it gags him at the back of his throat.

Father Joel loves the feeling of the young guy’s lips on his throbbing member.

As Zak spins around and bends over Father Joel opens his smooth ass cheeks and plants his tongue deep into his tight boy hole.

When he is all nice and lubed with spit, Father Joel sodomizes the young altar boy forcing his hard thick dick deep into his hole, making him moan loudly.

Zak squeezes his ass around Father’s Joel cock as it bare fucks him over and over in different positions, each time getting deeper into his wet hole.

Father Joel continues the hardcore bareback fucking until he is close to orgasm when he pulls out and showers the young boy with his hot priestly cum.

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Hottie young stud Ryland Kingsman’s hot raw ass bareback fucking Johnny Bandera’s huge thick dick

Brother Crush says: Cute horny stud Ryland Kingsman gets busted wanking his thick young dick when his sexy older step-bro Johnny Bandera walks in on him unannounced.

Johnny teases “are you jerking off because you’re a little virgin?”

Ryland hiding his embarrassment replies, “I am not a virgin, I have had sex before.”

Johnny asks “if you are not a virgin then why don’t you show me how you jerk off?”

Ryland grabs hold of his shorts and pulls them down showing off his hard erect dick as he jerks it in long slow strokes at first.

Seeing Ryland wanking makes Johnny start to feel horny as his soft cock starts to get erect.

Johnny drops his pants and gets onto the bed, stroking his dick.

With his pant down by his ankles, Johnny makes out with Ryland kissing him passionately.

They suck each others’ dicks before Johnny slips his raw dick between Ryland’s smooth ass cheeks.

Johnny’s big dick bareback fucks Ryland hot bubble ass doggie style then switches up positions a few times getting in deeper and deeper till his balls slap against his ass.

The fucking continues until Johhny can hold off no longer and he pulls out and shoots his huge cum load all over Ryland’s face.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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