Sexy muscle boy Lachlan’s huge thick raw dick bareback fucking young stud Vic Ryder’s hot asshole

Sean Cody says: There is quite some excitable behavior in the studio, Lachlan is looking forward to partnering with Vic Ryder today.

“Uh, have you seen his ass?”

Vic the picture of modesty quietly explains, “I do get compliments occasionally,” before admitting that just about everyone is totally obsessed with those muscular ass cheeks and his extra tight hole.

Vic gives Lachlan’s abs some appreciation, and the guys agree it’s “meant to be” for their best assets to appear together on film.

Vic swallows Lachlan’s cock, then rides it till the top cums.

Lachlan is just getting started and he worships Vic’s stupendous ass, then pounds it doggy style and missionary before finishing with a facial as Vic jacks off till he orgasms.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Hottie young stud Michael DelRay’s hot bare ass raw fucked by tattooed muscle dude Chris Damned’s huge thick uncut dick says: Sexy tattooed homeowner Chris Damned gets just a little bit curious about his Homo Renovation, so he sneaks behind the scenes to see what is going on.

He’s clearly a bit upset that all his man cave stuff has gone but they seem to have left his porno stash.

Unbeknown to Chris the show host Michael Del Ray is hiding in the closet and catches Chris as he jerks his huge uncut dick to a magazine called “Anal Babes.”

Host Michael Del Ray reappears catching the horny straight hunk wanking away and quickly gets naked except for a hard hat.

In the blink of an eye, Chris is getting his cock expertly sucked by a dude.

Chris fucks Michael doggy style over the couch, and when his wife comes looking for him, Michael doesn’t let on that her hubby is laying pipe as he sends her away.

The top fucks Michael missionary, then the bottom rides Chris’s cock before bending over a sawhorse to get nailed till he cums and takes a facial.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Hot black stud Adrian Hart’s big huge dick bare fucks Michael Boston’s sexy bubble ass says: Sexy bearded blonde Michael Boston has just started working at a coffee shop downtown and he’s enjoying the opportunity to check out and flirt with all the hot young guys while he’s working.

As he steams yet another cup of milk he’s feeling a bit too horny after catching sight of hot dude, Adrian Hart quietly sipping his Americano in the corner.

Indeed forgetting where he is, he pulls out his big thick dick and starts jerking it under his work apron.

Michael doesn’t realize that Adrian is stood in front of him asking for a new spoon and then drops the spoon bending over to expose his bare ass right in Adrian’s face.

Michael asks, “Do you want to try our super-secret extra?” as he dives under the counter, releasing Adrian’s huge black cock and sucking it right to the back of his throat.

After Michael gives Adrian the special, under-the-counter blowjob, the customer then pours the milk all over Michael’s ass and rims his milky wet hole.

The sexy ebony top bare fucks the barista doggy style and Michael rides his cock, then Adrian pounds him missionary on the counter till Michael sprays his cream jizz all over himself before Adrian pulls out and cums all over Michael’s hot hole before fucking his cum back inside him.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Hot hairy tattooed hunk Sergeant Miles bareback fucks young hottie Adam Awbride’s tight raw bubble butt

Lucas Entertainment says: Hairy tattooed muscle hunk Sergeant Miles gets a happy ending erotic massage from sexy young twink Adam Awbride.

While Sergeant Miles is on holiday in South America he’s feeling horny and he hooks up online with a sexy little bottom boy Adam inviting him over to his hotel room.

Beautiful young dude Adam promises Sergeant Miles an all-over deep body massage.

As soon as Adam gets through the hotel door we see him get undressed showing off his tight young body and milky white skin.

He uses his soft hands to knead and relax Sergeant Miles’s hot muscular body.

After a short while in Adam’s expert hands Sergeant can’t control himself any longer and he man-handles the young stud with his rugged military hands forcing him into position.

Sergeant Miles bareback fucks Adam Awbride’s tight bubble ass hole so roughly and deeply that his raw ass is alrea

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Horny young stud Phillipe Gaudin’s huge raw dick bareback fucks sexy twink Arne Coen’s tight bubble ass hole

Belami says: Today the two young hotties Phillipe Gaudin and Arne Coen are sat out in the summer sun at a sidewalk restaurant drinking cocktails and flirting with each other. Both are massively attracted to each other.

Arne suggests they find somewhere quiet to be together without interruptions so they head off home and as soon as they arrive they start making out kissing passionately and stripping off each other’s clothes.

Phillipe unleashes Arne’s huge thick young dick and swallows it right to the back of his throat till his balls are on his lips, making him gag.

Arne then returns the favor blowing Phillipe and moaning loudly, all the while jerking his own erect cock.

With Arne on his hands and knees in doggie style position on the bed, Phillipe runs his tongue up and down his ass crack before plunging it deep into his tight young asshole.

Once Arne’s hole is fully lubed Phillipe presses his huge thick dick forcefully inside fucking him bareback with long rhythmic strokes.

Phillipe shows what an expert lover he is and Arne can feel his whole raw erect cock moving inside him making him more than once get close to orgasm.

Luckily Arne manages to hold off while they switch up positions each time Phillipe goes deeper and harder until both he and Arne can hold off no longer.

First Phillipe pulls out spraying Arne’s hole with his cum load before fucking his cum back inside as Arne jerks himself over the edge covering his sexy abs with his creamy jizz. Both young men are totally sated and collapse into each other’s arms sealing their hot sex with a beautiful kiss.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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No show two holes bitch fucked young pledge at Fraternity X

Fraternity X says: As usual each Friday we set up our game night orgy for the bros with a new horny pledge standing up, but to our surprise, only two dudes showed up.

Fuck, we were not gonna cancel cos this bitch boy has two holes for two dicks.

One of our top young dudes in the house came by after he was done with his girl though, that guy could pound bitches forever.

It’s why he is one of our top dogs in the frat. Wasn’t the big bash we usually have, but we made it feel that way by the time we dumped a few loads in the pledge.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Sexy ripped young straight stud Hal wanks his 8 inch dick as he opens his white ass cheeks showing his hot hole

Island Studs says: “Butt holes are hot!”, horny hunky Hal states as he jerks his huge rock hard cock while bending over and spreading his white ass cheeks wide open with both hands.

We see his perky dark pink manhole in extreme close up, as he stands outside in the lush Hawaiian tropical garden.

Handsome, hung, blue-collar Hal, a construction worker born in Colorado and raised in San Diego, is an all-American hunk with a sexy athletic gym body, slightly furry chest, and legs, solid pecs, 8-pack ab muscles.

Hal has a full bush of crotch hair surrounding his perfectly formed 8-inch throbber, which curves upward toward his navel, a beefy muscle butt, and thick surfer thighs.

He is a self-proclaimed exhibitionist who enjoys, poses, and flexes his bulging biceps and back muscles both in his sexy see-through fishnet underwear which can barely contain this big butt and rock hard cock.

With his big belly slapper and hairy balls dangling between his legs, offers a greeting of Aloha, wearing a floral Hawaiian Lei fully naked.

Hal loves showing off his butt hole as he takes us through a whole nudist gym workout, pumping iron with a boner, tortures his rock hard cock with the metal barbell the takes 2 powerful pisses that blast a full 15 feet away from his pee hole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Sexy young boy Allan Aimee strips out of his tight white undies jerking his big uncut dick to a huge cum shot

Belami says: Today we welcome sexy young boy Allan Aimee who is filming his first-ever movie for Belami Online.

As Allan stands there in his jeans and t-shirt we see his piercing green eyes and beautiful lips.

As he lifts his t-shirt we catch a glimpse at Allan’s ripped six-pack abs.

Allan then undoes his jeans and we see his white tight sexy underwear before he pulls them down to show off his lovely fleshy butt cheeks.

When Allan turns around exposing his big crotch bulge he then drops his undies to his ankles and we see for the first time his big soft uncut cock nestling in between his low hanging balls.

Allan is also quite a quiet and reserved guy, never causes any problems, and is more than happy to get on with the job… and when the job is just to be sexy, he excels at it.

For today’s pictures, he is down in Budapest with resident photographer Eliot Klien. Allan is one of our ‘crossover’ models, so you will find plenty more of him here and also on Freshmen.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Young 21-year-old blonde boy sucks my big uncut foreskin dick then I fucked his tight straight ass at Czech Hunter 554

CzechHunter says: There is a famous old abandoned farm which is famous in Prague as being a bit spooky and a place where young people meet to have sex, drink, and party. So I thought this would be a fertile place to start searching for sexy guys.

As I arrived I pushed open the unlocked gates, the place was totally quiet and deserted. I was a little scared myself I have to admit.

So I was relieved and surprised to bump into a gorgeous blonde dude leaning against an old rusted farm machine.

We got into a conversation and he told me that his uncle had recently bought the farm with the intention of doing the place up as a working farm again.

So there we none of the hoards of young people I had expected, just him.

Ok well, I have to admit I hit gold, first time with this young guy was just 21 years old, lean, and pretty damn cute.

It took some convincing but eventually, he agreed to have some country-side fun with me.

He was a real stud, not only he gave me an absolutely amazing blowjob, but he also endured my super horny cock destroying his tiny asshole.

I added the nice finishing touch by covering his entire face with cum.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Builder’s bum sexy Ian Greene flashes his ass crack before I bare fuck his tight bubble butt

Reality Dudes says: Builder’s bum is not always attractive but when young hot plumber Ian Greene dives beneath the sink in the kitchen the flash of his ass crack brought me to a raging hardon so I got my dick out.

As I wanked I was busted as Ian catches sight of me with my throbbing dick in my hand.

Ian caught me with my cock in my hand and was hesitant at first until I offered him cash to jack me off and suck me.

After an awesome blowjob, he agreed to let me fuck him for another four hundred.

It was pricy but worth it as I pounded him doggy-style against the counter, then he rode my cock on the floor.

I fucked him mish till I pulled out to cum all over his hole, then he jacked off and blew a big load.

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