Sexy young twink Theo Brady’s hot bare hole raw fucked by Finn Harding’s huge cock says: Theo Brady’s excited to try out his new VR game, but when his roommate Finn Harding spots him wandering around in his underwear grabbing at imaginary poles, he pranks his buddy by taking his cock out and letting Theo play with it.

Finn heads into his room to jack off into a sock, and when Theo comes in looking for stuff to wash, he picks up the sock and gets a face full of Finn’s load.

Theo wants the D, not just the cum, so he rides Finn reverse before giving him a sensual blowjob.

Finn fucks Theo missionary before the twink asks to get pounded doggy style.

Theo orgasms as Finn penetrates him from behind, then Finn fucks the bottom in piledriver and cums in his gaping hole!

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Sexy muscle stud Roman Todd’s huge raw dick barebacking Ty Mitchell’s hot asshole says: Ty Mitchell thinks he’s home alone and the coast is clear, but his roommate Roman Todd walks in and catches him with his dick in his hand.

Ty’s been busting nuts left and right lately, so Roman decides to show him how to do it the right way.

He lubes up his hand and starts stroking Ty’s cock, then has the tattooed hunk lie back against him and puts his headphones in Ty’s ears to set the mood as he caresses his chest and jacks him off.

The guys start kissing and before long Ty is sucking Roman’s cock before he rides it.

Roman bends the bottom over to fuck him doggy style, then penetrates him from behind in spoon.

Ty moans loudly as Roman pounds him missionary while the top handles his dick the right way, and he shoots a huge load before Roman pulls out and cums on his hole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Hottie young bottom hunk King Scot’s bubble butt bare fucked by huge thick uncut dick

Amateur Gay POV says: Rent is due and you don’t have the cash.

When the landlord’s hot gay son, King Scot, comes to collect, you offer to fuck him with your big cock if he’ll extend the due date by one day.

You’ve heard him getting fucked through the paper-thin walls and now it’s your turn to please him for that extension.

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Ace Quinn’s bubble butt bare fucked by hairy muscle dude Teddy Torres’s huge uncut cock

Masqulin says: This heat has everyone sweaty and extra horny.

When Teddy Torres notices an anonymous invitation by Ace Quinn to follow him into his garage, he’s more than willing.

Inside, the horny men get at it leading to a breeding session by the hairy Teddy and the young stud Ace.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Lucas Entertainment says: Oliver Hunt has made his way through many of the sexiest guys here, but he’s never met a guy quite like Andre Donovan.

Andre is tall, handsome, charming, and looks utterly incredible when he strips down and shows off his hot body and huge black cock.

Andre and Oliver spend a romantic evening together, but neither wants it to end.

Back at Andre’s beautiful villa, the heat turns up as Oliver makes his move. Oliver Hunt is all about making sure his man’s needs are taken care of, and he works on Andre Donovan from head to toe (and nipples, too, since Andre loves having them played with).

Andre shows off his strength by picking up Oliver and holding him upside down while they 69 each other.

And before the night is over, Andre Donovan pounds and batters the boy hole of Oliver Hunt.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Full fledged Bro takes out that bottom bitch raw asshole

Fraternity X says: You don’t prank a full-fledged bro when you’re still climbing ranks.

That’s some dumb shit to do, especially with no pledges around to use and abuse.

Doesn’t he know what horny frat guys are like?

When the bro he pranked told the house what this bitch did, they all came down to teach his ass a lesson… and what a nice ass it is.

Maybe knock him back down to pledge level since he can take dick so well.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Ginger stud Red Robert strips naked showing off his belly slapper dick and low hanging big balls

Island Studs says: Horny ripped bearded ginger-haired Red Robert is back, proudly showing off his a full bush of red hot hair surrounding his always hard super fat pink belly slapper and heavy low hanging donkey balls.

Robert has a perfect amount of ginger fur covering his pecs, an impressive set of 8-pack of abs, and a creamy white Nebraska farm-boy butt.

He sports a thick red beard trimmed playfully into “Tiger Stripes”, spreads his ass cheeks open a record-breaking 8 times, exposing his ginger gaping red hot manhole.

Then Robert walks rock hard and paints a fence high up a ladder, harvests Hawaiian papayas, and pounds fences posts into the rich soil fully naked wearing only garden gloves and rubber boots.

He bends over repeating doing his sweaty garden chores, manhandles his big red balls, slow strokes, and edges his fat boner in the garden, moans loudly as he explodes, shooting streams of cum all over this hairy ripped abs and muscular thighs.

Robert walks to the shower with his throbber dripping cum, pees in the shower, before scrubbing his feet clean with his donkey balls dangles between this bubble butt.

There is no one quite like Red Robert: Happy, Friendly, Playful, and Fun to watch moving naked throughout the Tropical Garden with his bright red ‘Fire Crotch’ glistening in the Hot Hawaiian Sun.

A very popular guy returns. Robert is now sporting a full red beard sculpted into Tiger Stripes.

“My friends call me Tigger, like in the Disney movies,” Robert states with a smile as he shows off his unique facial hair.

This is super talkative Red Robert’s second exclusive video.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Interracial ass fucking Casey Everett’s hot hole raw fucked by Max Konnor big black cock

Raging Stallion says: While in the tub, Max Konnor and Casey Everett are occupied with exploring each other’s hard bodies.

As they sink down into the milk bath, Casey fills his mouth with Max’s massive, thick cock.

After deepthroating Max’s pole, Casey bends over the tub to give Max total access to his smooth hole and low-hanging nuts.

After warming Casey’s ass up with his mouth, Max lines it up and drives his girthy cock deep inside Casey.

Max gets right to it with deep, long thrusts of his exceptional 10-inch cock.

They leave the bath and get comfortable, so Casey can ride Max’s rod bareback and down to the base.

Max takes over again to plow Casey’s hungry ass until his cock lets out a thick load coating his scruffy abs.

Watching Casey unload sends Max over the edge as he pulls out and covers Casey with his cum.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Alex Lewis strips off his shiny white Adidas shorts hot ass fucked by hairy hunk Fraser Jacs’s big uncut dick

Hard Brit Lads says: Tall sexy hard lad Alex Lewis gets his massive 9-inches fully serviced by fit hairy footballer Fraser Jacs. Alex is super tall and towers over Fraser. They kiss passionately and get a feel of each other’s bulges. Alex lifts his vest to reveal his toned body. Fraser licks and sucks on his big nipples.

They kiss again, and Alex removes Fraser’s top. Fraser is more muscular and his chest is nicely hairy. Alex licks Fraser’s nipples and rubs his bulge, then slips his hand inside Fraser’s shorts to pull out his uncut dick. As he plays with it, they kiss, and Fraser reaches inside Alex’s shorts to take out his cock as well. They jerk each other off then move to the sofa.

Alex leans back and Fraser gets down on his knees between Alex’s legs and pulls down his shorts. Alex is certainly a grower. As Fraser suck, it just gets bigger and bigger, until it throbs at a mighty 9-inches. It’s pretty thick too and Fraser clearly loves sucking it. Except he can’t manage to get more than about halfway but that doesn’t stop him.

After giving that monster cock a thorough sucking, Alex gets down on his knees. Fraser’s dick is quite thick and he has big balls but Alex opens up and effortlessly swallows the whole thing. He sucks slow and deep then jerks Fraser off as he licks the end with his pierced tongue before getting back to more deep sucking. Alex stands to get sucked again, Fraser on his knees.

Shot from below, we have some horny low-angle shots and Alex’s dick looks even bigger! Fraser gets into it, struggling to suck deep but loving every second. Fraser is on all fours now and Alex parts his beefy hairy butt cheeks. He starts to rim Fraser, pulling his arse apart to open his hole and get his tongue deep inside.

This is some of the hottest, deepest rimming I’ve ever seen! Alex lays on his back, holding his throbbing 9-inch dick upright. Fraser can’t resist giving that monster another suck, before straddling and rubbing his arse against the head. Aching to take it inside his sloppy hungry hole, Fraser eases that stiff dick into his arse, slowly sliding down but not quite to the base, as he can’t quite manage yet.

Slowly, he starts to ride the throbbing fuck pole. Then Alex grips his arse, pulls his cheeks apart, and thrusts into him, deep and hard. Fraser takes as much as he can, but this dick is M-A-S-S-I-V-E and his arse can’t take much more. Fortunately, Alex is up for getting fucked.

He leans against the arm of the sofa, legs apart, and Fraser pushes his dick in his tight hole. Fraser grips Alex and starts to fuck. Alex takes it well and as Fraser fucks him, he jerks himself off. They fuck hard until both lads are aching to shoot. Alex lays back on the floor with Fraser kneeling over him.

Both lads jerk off hard and it’s not long before Fraser squirts plenty of thick white jizz all over Alex. It’s such a good cumshot we see it twice, once in real-time and once in slo-mo.

The sight of all that cum pushes Alex over the edge and he spunks his own load over his abs and keeps on pumping it out, then squeezes out a few more drops, his chest and abs drenched in jizz as the lads catch their breath.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Big muscle dude Maskurbate Zahn strokes his uncut dick outdoors in just a mask

Maskurbate says: Zahn contacted us for his comeback and asked us to join him outside in a park.

We decided to shoot him on location, in the woods, nearly in public as only a few trees created privacy.

I present to you this week an exclusive look at the shooting featuring the entire footage without any cuts or editing.

Reality as its best, and for muscle lovers, a very exciting scene to watch.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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