Nate Grimes’s hot ass crack split by huge dildo then bare fucked by Ashton Summers’s huge raw dick says: Have you always wanted to hook up with your favorite gay porn stars?

Enjoy the next best thing as today Nate Grimes brings you into his world.

Hang out with Nate in the barn as he teases you, taking off his backward cap and pulling up his white undershirt to show his cut abs and chest, then slipping off his plaid shirt to flex his biceps.

Nate strokes himself through his jeans with a wink, then pulls down his jockstrap to show you his surprise: the black cock cage he’s wearing.

Nate spreads his ass for you and eagerly fills it with a huge toy.

When Ashton Summers joins the fun, Nate sucks his cock through a glory hole, then rides the top.

Ashton penetrates Nate in missionary and bends him over a crate to fuck that hole doggystyle, then cums in Nate’s mouth.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!


Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Bondage muscle stud Dillon Diaz and Alpha Wolfe jerk plastic encased Isaac X’s huge cock

Fisting Inferno says: Alpha Wolfe and Dillon Diaz find the entrance to the fetish dungeon to find Isaac X wrapped like an Egyptian mummy, mummified in plastic wrap secured with duct tape.

Dillon releases Isaac’s dick from the plastic and it’s rock hard and ready.

While Dillon strokes Isaac’s cock, Alpha reaches under to finger Isaac’s hole.

Alpha begins unwrapping Isaac while Dillon keeps working over Isaac’s cock with a silicone sleeve.

With Isaac mostly free from the wrap, Alpha licks Isaac’s balls while Dillon keeps jerking it for him.

Isaac completely submits as he blows his load into a cock sleeve from the intense play.

After Isaac’s load is spent, Dillon fucks Isaac’s mouth until he explodes a load of cum down Isaac’s throat.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Big stepbrother Justin Matthews’s huge ass dildo stretches younger step brother Jack Bailey’s hot hole

Next Door Taboo says: Jack Bailey is a naughty little stepbrother.

When he finds his big stepbrother Justin Matthews’s dildo, he decides to give it a whirl. Justin finds Jack playing with the dildo and inserts the real thing.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Sexy hairy hunk Jack Andy’s hot bare asshole raw fucked by bearded Alex Tikas’s huge uncut dick

Men Over 30 says: Alex Tikas and Jack Andy just got done a sweaty workout and both are feeling very horny.

Enjoy this hot locker room fuck scene!

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Hairy chested hunk Grant Ryan’s bare asshole raw fucked by black stud Andre Donovan’s huge dick

Raging Stallion says: After overhearing about the investor’s plan, Grant Ryan sets a trap for developer Andre Donovan to pick him off.

The trap? Grant waits on all fours in a jock hoping Andre will take the bait.

Without a doubt, Andre falls for it and can’t believe what he’s seeing before diving in face first to rim Grant’s hole.

Andre teases with a couple of fingers before noticing Grant wants more and slides his giant bare cock in Grant’s hole.

With Grant’s hole clenching his cock, Andre pulls out and face fucks Grant, ass-to-mouth, before lying beside him and fucking his hole some more.

They take a quick break so Andre can slurp on Grant’s dick before climbing on top of Andre and riding him down to the base.

Before Grant is done, Andre has Grant get on his knees and take his load to the face while Grant cums on the forest floor.

Faster than Andre can put his clothes on, Grant delivers a sneak attack and ties Andre up. Has Grant’s plan to thwart the developer’s work?

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Gentlemen’s Closet – Gay Porn Foot Fetish Site Review

If you are a foot fetish fan and enjoy seeing men in designer wear with all manner of different socks styles including silk sheer socks, nylon tube dress socks, and fishnets then Gentlemen’s Closet is quite a find. Men into feet will see plenty of foot coverings to savor.

Click here to visit Gentlemen’s Closet

Gentlemen’s Closet tends to focus on gay porn stars filmed in high-quality epic movie-style gay porn movie presentations. Expect to see plenty of sexy men with fit muscled bodies aged from 18 to mid-forties in office business suits, blue-collar workmen, horned-up sportsmen, and sexy boy next door types.

We checked out the current crop of gay porn movies starring a plethora of current gay porn stars including, Chris Damned, Isaac X, Jack Andy, Joel Someone, Max Lorde so you will see plenty of familiar names in these hot couplings. The older videos tend to star sexy unknown men all with fit bodies and big cocks.

As a foot fetish theme, Gentlemen’s Closes focuses on guys worshipping each others’ socked or bare feet. Whilst plenty of movies end in gay sex there are many that do not, so there really is a focus on the feet which is good.

Gentlemen’s Closet – Featured Movies

Let’s first focus on the Featured Movies section which are the site’s most popular videos.

Gentlemen’s Closet – Axix of Paradise – starring Angelo and Trenton Ducati

The first of which is called, Axix of Paradise featuring Angelo and Trenton Ducati – We see sexy tattooed muscle hunk Trenton Ducati naked apart from a pair of sheer nylon pantyhose which are in a sorry state with the ass ripped apart and the feet full of runs in the fabric. Trenton has hairy legs which look amazing in his nylons. Trenton wanks his big dick throwing his legs apart exposing his hot asshole. Angelo appears with suspenders and mantyhose with his hard uncut erection as he fingers Trenton’s bare asshole slipping his finger inside before running his tongue up and down his ass crack getting his tongue deep inside. Angelo then pushes his big cock, fucking Trenton hard until he cums all over himself. Plenty of foot worship throughout.

Gentlemen’s Closet – Pump starring Carlos Ventura and Danny Gunn

In Pump starring Carlos Ventura and Danny Gunn. Hot older hairy hunk Carlos Ventura in blue nylon sheer pantyhose with black garter belt bottoms for young tattooed stud wearing a hot red all in one sheer suspender pantyhose.

Gentlemen’s Closet – Admired starring Donnie Argento and Nate Grimes

In Admired we see young pup Nate Grimes and hot bearded hunk Donnie Argento sporting stunning all-in-one black bodystockings with knee-high black sheer stockings. Nates is crotchless made of thick nylon fabric and Donnie’s is made from neoprene. The guys make out kissing passionately licking each other’s hairy pits before moving down to some hot nyloned feet worship.

Gentlemen’s Closet – Most Popular Videos

Gentlemen’s Closet Membership Options

There are a number of different options to watch the hot foot fetish videos on Gentlemen’s Closet. Firstly, you can sign up for a monthly, quarterly, or yearly membership (see below for pricing). Alternatively, if you would like to download movies then you will need to buy download credits (pricing also detailed below) and 5 credits are required to download each video.


Gentlemen’s Closet has 489 MP4 format videos which are of a very good quality, the very latest being filmed in the highest 4K definition. All videos are compatible with laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The full videos tend to be split into two or three separate movies released in a row. There are also eight full DVD productions which were all released in 2018.

Gentlemen’s Closet – DVD Productions

Image Galleries

Gentlemen’s Closet includes 171 image galleries that are related to the video releases. You can enjoy the images online with an image viewer with hands-free slideshow plus download all of them in a zip file or individual favorites.


Annoyingly Gentlemen’s Closet doesn’t date its updates so it is not easy to work out their release schedule but it works out about 2 updates every 10 days.


On the join page, there is a pre-checked offer meaning you will be signed up to a second gay porn site at cost with rebills until canceled but it is easy to un-check the box to politely decline this offer.

There is a link to Buy Clips which takes you to another gay porn site: Nasty Daddy which you need to register with to be able to buy or rent clips none of which appear to be from Gentlemen’s Closet.


Gentlemen’s Closet is a high-quality foot fetish site focusing on gay porn stars wearing sheer nylon stockings and full body stockings. If you are into men’s bare and stocking feet then you are in for a treat. With 489 MP4 videos and 171 image galleries, there is plenty of content to keep an avid fan busy. Cheers, My Gay Porn List.

Membership Costs

Streaming Only

$24.00 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $24.00 EVERY 30 DAYS
$45.00 FOR 90 DAYS REBILLS $45.00 EVERY 90 DAYS
$150.00 FOR 365 DAYS REBILLS $150 EVERY 365 DAYS

Buy Download Credits

15 tokens for $20.00*

30 tokens for $35.00*

45 tokens for $45.00*

*5 tokens are required for each video download

Click here to visit Gentlemen’s Closet

Gay young interracial hottie Kyle Wyncrest’s huge raw dick fucking black stud Ty Santana’s hot asshole

Next Door Buddies says: Kyle Wyncrest and Ty Santana take advantage of the San Diego sunshine by getting out on the ocean to paddleboard.

Though they’re sure to have fun, Ty isn’t shy to say that the thing he’s looking forward to the most during the day is the bottoming he’s going to do back at the apartment.

Kyle lives up to the hype and gives Ty exactly what he’s been waiting for.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Curly haired young stud Blake Wilder’s bareback fucks tattooed hunk Tyler James’s hot asshole

Stag Collective says: The very lucky Tyler James is at the receiving end of Blake Wilder’s huge dick.

Blake promises to beat Tyler’s asshole up and delivers in this super steamy-scene.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Hot black muscle stud Isaac X’s hot hole bareback fucked by ripped white dude Jake Waters’s huge cock

Falcon Studios says: The men’s locker room smells like ripe dick and Jake Waters and Isaac X are tasked with the job of cleaning it up.

Jake is a little too distracted by all the used jockstraps laying around to do anything, and Isaac gets the idea to offer up his own sweaty jock for Jake to smell.

After inhaling the musk coming from Isaac’s crotch, Jake ditches his shorts, reveals his own jock, and presents his smooth hole for his sweaty fuck buddy.

Now completely naked in the locker room, Isaac pumps himself in and out of Jake’s ass while the young athlete strokes his own XL cock that’s spilling out of his bright red jock.

A few more bareback thrusts lead to both men exploding streams of seed all over Jake and wiping up the sticky mess with Jake’s used jockstrap. 

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Sean Cody hottie Brysen’s huge dick bareback fucks ripped muscled newbie Blake Ryan’s hot hole

Sean Cody says: Ripped muscled newbie Blake Ryan has wanted to partner with Brysen for a long time, so he’s super pumped to get to do his first-ever scene with the sexy hottie.

Brysen is keen to know what the blonde muscular bottom is into, and he immediately replies, “Having my ass totally dominated by a hung top like you!”

Brysen is certainly up for that challenge, making Blake beg for his cock as spanks the bottom and pulls his hair, then pulling down Blake’s shorts and demanding, “Whose fuckin’ hole is this?”

He rewards Blake for the right answer by licking and fingering his ass, then it’s time for Blake to ride Brysen’s cock reverse on the couch.

Brysen puts Blake on all fours and pounds him where they can watch themselves in the mirror, then fucks Blake missionary till the bottom cums.

Blake is still asking for more, so Brysen pounds that hole in piledriver, covering it in cum, then making Blake clean his cock with his mouth.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!


Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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