Doctor Tapes – Gay Porn Site Review

Doctor Tapes involves young cute dudes undergoing intimate physical examinations by a doctor and nurse which ends with the young lad being defiled in some way. This is a brand new site from the Say Uncle network.

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Doctor Recommends – Marco Napoli and Felix Fox at Doctor Tapes
Scene Doctor Recommends summary: When Felix Fox visits Doctor Marco Napoli for a check up, he tells him that he’s been having trouble getting an erection. Dr. Napoli informs Felix of a new treatment that he can administer himself, a protein injection that has proven to be very effective with previous patients. Felix agrees to the treatment so Dr. Napoli introduces his hard cock into both his mouth and his asshole, making sure to get that protein shot deep inside!

The young patients, doctors, and nurses featured are all established world-famous gay porn stars. The young guys up for inspection are cute boys aged 18 to 24 years of age with slim bodies with some more ripped. Sometimes there are younger dudes playing doctor’s assistants. The doctors and nurses doing the inspections are older so about 35 years old plus.

Sexual Arousal Examination – Trent Summers and Andrew Powers – Doctor Tapes
Sexual Arousal Examination - Blonde twink Andrew Powers visits Dr. Trent Summers for a routine check-up and informs him that he’s been having trouble performing in the bedroom. Dr. Summers submits Andrew to a sexual arousal examination, a manual examination where he stimulates his sexual organs to ensure they’re working properly. When Dr. Summers notices the lack of arousal, he offers to administer a semen injection, which he will do himself right then and there. Andrew didn’t know how much he was gonna enjoy treatment and is excited to hear he’ll have to come back for a second dose in a week!

The scenes run in a similar theme whereby a young patient arrives at the doctor’s office for a complete full-body physical with the doctor prodding and poking the young dude, taking measurements, and discussing the patient’s sex life and what they enjoy in sex. At the start, the patient is clothed in a hospital gown which is removed as the doctor manhandles the young dude’s balls and soft cock and asshole.

A Thorough Examination – Darron Bluu and Marco Napoli – Doctor Tapes
A Thorough Examination - Young stud Darron Bluu visits his long-time doctor, Marco Napoli, who wants to do a thorough examination before Darron heads off for school. Marco also wants to make sure Darron is sexually healthy, so he runs a few physical tests. With a clean bill of health, Dr. Napoli sends Darron on his way—and to come back for his routine check-ups.


Doctor Tapes is a new gay porn site so it is building up from the launch having 16 videos that are available to download or stream. These are very good quality and there are even 4K videos for download only. The videos play well on laptops, tablets, and mobiles.

Semen Collection – Jay Tee, Marco Napoli, and Cole Church – Doctor Tapes
Semen Collection - Jay Tee goes to his annual checkup with Dr. Marco Napoli and his medical student Cole Church. As Dr. Napoli is going through the examination, he asks Jay if he has any children that he knows of, and suggests they collect some of his semen to find out. Lucky for Jay, the procedure can be done by Dr. Napoli himself with help from Cole and it turns out to be very satisfying!


Every new video is released with two galleries one with eight to fifteen images that are of good digital quality and another with screencaps taken from the video itself which of a good to average quality. Images can be viewed in a slideshow and they can be saved individually or as zipped files.


As such a new site the level of updates takes time to settle down but it looks like a new scene is added fortnightly.


If you choose to sign up to Doctor’s Tapes you will find a pre-selected offer which if left selected will sign you up to a second gay porn site at cost with rebills until canceled. It is easy to un-check the box to decline the offer.


Doctor’s Tapes has had a very good start and the examinations are interesting, authentic, and fun with doctors and nurses questioning their young patients. If you like seeing young fit dudes undergoing their regular fully naked inspection then you will find a lot to like at Doctors Tapes. A new one to watch.

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House invader Bruce Beckham’s surprises Ty Mitchell with his huge dick bare ass fucking says: Hottie home invader Bruce Beckham is not very lucky and he gets caught red-handed breaking and entering into Ty Mitchell’s apartment.

Bruce lies down still on the black sofa hoping that he will blend in and not be seen.

It works, as bleary-eyed Ty walks out of the bedroom… and sits his bare ass on Bruce’s ski-masked face.

But Ty quickly notices something’s different when his couch starts moaning and jumps up to find his trinkets in the burglar’s bag.

Bruce wants to steal another taste of that ass, convincing Ty to sit on his face and then his cock.

Ty sucks the burglar’s big dick and rides him reverse, then Bruce pounds his hole in missionary and doggy style.

Bruce creampies the sexy bottom, then sucks his own cum out of Ty’s hole before asking for a facial.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Hot step brothers Dakota Lovell, Daniel Dean and Rowan sucking cock bareback ass fucking

Brother Crush says: Cute little Dakota Lovell is always stirring up trouble while his hot stepbrothers Daniel Dean and Rowan are trying to work.

Today, he sneaks under the table and sucks their cocks, goading them into an intense anal threesome that culminates with them shooting cum all over his tasty body.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Horny suited stud Manuel Reyes’ hot asshole bareback fucked by Vadim Romanov’s huge Russian dick

Men at Play says: A good doctor should be thorough during every annual physical examination.

And, Dr. Vadim Romanov is no exception. When Manuel Reyes visits the Doc, after an initial examination, he is told to drop his pants and underwear.

Dr. Romanov proceeds with a prostate exam, first inserting a finger, then two in Manuel’s rectum and feeling around.

The naughty doctor starts to enjoy the sexy green-eyed suited stud and his bubble-butt and starts to jerk off and insert a dildo in the willing patient.

Trust your doctor, they say, well, Dr. Romanov is ready to perform a much, much deeper examination on Manuel, and he is ready.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Sexy muscle stud Mars Gymburger’s hot asshole bare fucked by Ethan Chase’s thick uncut dick

Amateur Gay POV says: Mars Gymburger is one smoking hot cable technician.

I can’t help but admire his fat ass up while he’s kneeling over troubleshooting my signal.

There’s something so sexy about a working man and he sure doesn’t mind that I’m enjoying the view.

Honestly, it’s getting me real hard, real quick.

He knows exactly how to fix my problem so why not service me at the same time. With Ethan Chase.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Army boys fuck fest Corporal Manuel Skye bottoms for hairy muscle hunk Ryan Bones’ huge raw dick

Masqulin says: Private Ryan Bones and Corporal Manuel Skye are on survivalist training with their platoon.

While the group is off for the day doing specialist exercises, Bones and Skye are left to guard the camp.

When Private Bones slips and twists his ankle while on patrol, Corporal Skye is left to support him and lead them back to camp.

A heart-to-heart moment turns to talk of life back home and the loneliness that comes with life on active duty.

Skye admits that while he’s always sneaking off to crank out a load, he’s recently started fantasizing about his platoon mate.

Bones is intrigued and never turns down an opportunity, and it isn’t long before he’s got Skye’s hard uncut cock in his hands.

Precum drips from Manuel’s huge dick and Bones can’t help but get turned on.

He tells Manuel Skye he wants to suck him and get his dick inside his buddy.

There’s nothing like fucking outdoors in the wilderness, but they’d better hurry before the platoon gets back.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Hot gym gay sex orgy Zak Bishop, Dakota Payne and Kyle Wyncrest hardcore big dick ass fucking

Next Door Buddies says: Dakota Payne, Kyle Wyncrest, Zak Bishop are horny, hung, and hitting the gym.

The hunks enjoy the views of each other’s hard bodies lifting and flexing before getting into a sweaty, sex session.

What a way to get their cardio in.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Interracial gay sex armyboys Tristan Hunter and Ray King hardcore bareback anal fucking

Hot House says: In their desert posting, army privates Ray King and Tristan Hunter discover a quiet place where they can find some privacy.

As the sexual chemistry between these two recruits warms up, Ray falls to his knees and deep throats Tristan’s huge cock all the way to his balls.

While Ray blows Tristan’s big dick, Tristan reaches down and fingers Ray’s hole.

Tristan makes sure to return the favor with a deep throating, followed by eating Ray’s ass to prepare it for what’s next.

Tristan doesn’t waste any time when he stands up and drives his meat into Ray’s ass bareback.

After taking it from behind, Tristan lays down on the ground while Ray rides on top of him in multiple positions.

The feverish cock-riding continues until Tristan takes full control and stretches Ray’s hole out with deep powerful strokes Tristan can’t take it any longer and covers Ray with his cum.

Now that Ray is soaked with cum, he licks up the last drops from Tristan’s cock as Tristan’s load leaks from his hole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Sexy young hunk Tristan Hunter’s huge raw dick bareback fucking hottie dude Eric Charming’s tight hole

Raging Stallion says: Sexy young college dude Eric Charming feeling that he will never be able to pass his midterm examinations until hunky study buddy Tristan Hunter lets him know that if he doesn’t want to fail, he’ll have to fuck his dick-hungry older professor.

Being the gracious friend he is, Tristan agrees to help Eric practice his seduction skills with a quick bareback study break.

Tristan’s mouth immediately dives in to explore Eric’s smooth hole and prep it for the extreme dicking it’s about to receive.

After getting slapped on the ass with Tristan’s stiff meat a couple of times, Eric lowers himself onto his friend’s oversized cock and fills up his horny hole.

The muscle top pumps his entire pole in and out of the boy’s tight ass with Eric moaning at each additional thrust.

Now getting fucked on his back and stroking himself off, the young bottom busts a thick load all over the couch right before Tristan spreads his milky seed all over his buddy’s thighs and ass.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Horny ripped young twink Andrei Karenin bottoms for Belami boy Kirk Gauguin’s massive uncut dick

Belami says: On a beautiful summer’s day Andrei Karenin and Kirk Gauguin are jogging around the local park giving their ripped bodies some well-needed exercise.

Kirk removes his t-shirt showing Andrei how he keeps his six-pack abs in shape and Andrei can’t help feeling horny at the sight of his rippling muscles.

When they arrive home they shower together washing off the sweat from their run and making out, kissing and fondling each other as the water rains down.

The sexy boys continue their kissing and canoodling as they stand naked in the living room of their apartment.

Kirk falls to his knees and sucks down hard on Andrei’s big thick uncut dick getting it right to the back of his deep throat.

Andrei loves the feeling of Kirk’s wet tongue and sweet lips on his cock as he slides it in and out of his mouth.

With Kirk lying on the floor, Andrei returns the favor blowing Kirk’s big uncut cock and getting his tongue around his thick foreskin.

Kirk moans with growing excitement as Andrei is an expert cocksucker.

They switch places and Kirk runs his tongue deep between Andrei’s ass crack finally hitting home with the tip of his tongue directly on his hot boy hole.

Then without any warning, Kirk presses his huge erection deep into Andrei’s raw asshole.

Kirk pummels Andrei’s hot hole forcing his throbbing cock deeper and harder with each thrust.

Andrei quickly gets close to orgasm and several times almost loses control, but Kirk expert fucking manages to stop his lover from cumming too quickly.

They switch positions a number of times as Andrei just loves to feel Kirk coming at his ass from different directions.

Then as Kirk power fucks Andrei he can hold off no longer and stands up and fires off a volley of cum shots all over Kirk’s face and open mouth, giving him a cum facial.

Kirk licks up all of Andrei’s jizz before wanking his own dick hard, cumming right into Andrei’s mouth.

Finally, the two horny boys swap a cummy kiss.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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