Dark haired twink Tyler Scott in just his white socks probes his boy hole with vibrator

Boyfun says: Hottie new young twink Tyler Scott is quite more experienced than guy his age.

He’s 20 years old and he has enjoyed a lot of fun with other dudes already and he has a few tricks and talents when it comes to pleasing himself and his lovers.

The young man is stunning. His eyes are so piercing you could get lost in them for hours, but the rest of him is ready to distract you from that torment, with his smooth body and his perky little nipples ready to be played with.

The boy teases and seduces, revealing more of himself by the moment, tugging down his shorts to show his bulging briefs and his hot little ass.

His hairless hole takes the little pink toy and he fucks himself with it, tapping the end as it pumps inside his pucker. With a cock ring wrapped around his dick and balls he gets to work wanking himself, building his uncut boner up to a stiff meaty shape capable of delivering endless pleasures.

Watch as he bends over to kneel, displaying his perfect little ass again while he pumps and rubs his swollen dick in his grip, his balls bulging and churning up a good load.

Finally the show off is ready to take himself over the finish line, laying back on the sheets and furiously rubbing his penis in his grip, the glistening wet head swelling up and pumping a hot mess of milky boy juice out of the tip.

We know a lot of the other boys are going to want to meet him.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Cute blonde Ronny Lamarr’s huge thick young dick bare fucks hottie Felix Gaul’s bubble ass

Belami says: Naked young hunk Felix Gaul joins sleepy head Ronny Lamarr between the bed covers reaching around and holding him intensely, making out, kissing passionately.

Ronny awakens and whispers sweet nothings into Felix’s ear as Felix gently plants his moist lips all over Ronny’s naked body licking his nipples and making him hard.

Felix’s inquisitive mouth continues down to Ronny’s crotch where he is already sporting a super thick erection.

Ronny moans loudly as Felix blows his huge thick erect uncut dick running his tongue from the big mushroom tip to the base of his balls.

Then with Felix spread out on his back, Ronny takes control swallowing his hard uncut cock whole before polishing his cockhead with his tongue and playing with his foreskin.

Ronny certainly knows how to pleasure a guy.

He then bends Felix over, exposing his hairy ass hole tapping it with his fingers before running his tongue up and down his ass crack.

While Felix is jerking his own cock, Ronny inserts a finger massaging his asshole carefully at first, as Felix’s moaning grows louder.

With Felix and Ronny in spoon position, Ronny slides his erect fuck tool deep into Felix’s waiting boy hole, kissing him as he pushes it all the way home.

Ronny parts Felix’s ass cheeks opening up his hole for his hot cock.

The ass pummelling continues with Ronny forcing his huge erection all the way in until his balls slap soundly on Felix’s ass.

Felix just loves the feeling of Ronny’s thick uncut dick moving inside him, first in all the way then out until the tip of his dick is almost out.

The sexy boys switch positions a number of times with Felix now in reverse cowboy.

Now Felix is in control and he pushes his ass hole down onto Ronny’s throbbing cock, both boys almost losing control and getting to orgasm a number of times.

These expert fuckers know how to keep from cumming until they are both ready to unload.

Ronny now power fucks Felix his hot dick hammering away like a power drill.

Felix then cums with Ronny’s hard dick still deep in his hole, his jizz sprays all over his ripped abs.

Ronny licks up the mess before delivering his own huge cum load in Felix’s face. The boys kiss once more as they relax in each other’s arms.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Hump The Hitchhiker at Bromo

Bromo says: Horny passenger Denny Chris already has his cock in his hand when he spots Brad standing by the side of the road with a “Hitching for CUM” sign!

Denny makes his driver pull over, and Brad starts sucking Denny’s big dick before he even climbs into the van.

As they drive off, Denny tells Brad to get naked, and the driver sneaks peeks back at them stroking each other’s cocks till he finds a good spot to pull over.

Brad swallows Denny’s dick and then the top lays him down on the seat and eases inside his tight hole.

They may be parked by the side of the road, but Brad rides the top like he’s going for a joyride.

Denny cums on Brad’s face and makes him clean his cock, then slides it back inside as the bottom jacks off till he orgasms.

That’s as far as this hitcher goes today!

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Czech Hunter 605 hottie young straight dude fucked first time in the ass

CzechHunter says: I met Honza during a small mountain trip.

He was checking if the place was good enough for skiing.

Being more than satisfied he planned to go there with his friends the other day.

Great, I was sure the guy would be happy to make a few Crowns in the meantime.

He was a bit hesitant, but money was tempting. Honza was saving for a car so easy cash came in handy.

Too bad he was incredibly shy. It was a nightmare to get him naked.

That changed dramatically when we got to his place. The guy turned into a regular gold-digging whore.

I didn’t mind that at all, it’s simpler when they’re greedy.

They focus on money and not on my massive boner tearing their sweet little butts wide open.

The poor dude couldn’t wait to take a shower right after I was done with him… so much sweat and cum everywhere…

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Hottie bottom stud Michael Boston’s bare asshole raw fucked by Finn Harding’s huge thick dick

Men.com says: Sexy bottom stud Michael Boston is attending his local booty camp workout group.

In his assless onesie he draws many stares from the other participants, but only until ripped instructor Finn Harding starts things off with some jumping jacks and squats.

As Finn demonstrates the form to Michael, his cock and balls slip out of his singlet and hit Michael in the face, and the horny bottom’s cock gets hard.

Finn proposes an exercise to let Michael sneakily suck his cock, then he bends Michael over in the sling to eat his ass and fuck him doggy style.

The bottom takes it super deep in missionary position, then rides Finn on the floor, and the demanding instructor puts Michael up against the mirrored wall to penetrate him from behind till the bottom cums on the glass.

Michael’s booty has been well and truly worked out, so Finn gives him a facial.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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FraternityX full-fledged bros don’t escape bitch duty

Fraternity X says: Even full-fledge bros don’t escape bitch duty, just can’t train a cock slut to be a real frat man.

We were just sitting around chatting about some girl throwing a masked pool party and one of the newly admitted bros takes the chance to sell and swallow all our cocks.

Since we have no pledges around to take our loads, why not the bro that can’t get off bitch duty?

It’s Halloween right?! He wanted to be a pledge again, so we treated him like one.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Sexy hottie Dakota Payne’s huge raw cock bare fucks horny dude Nick Thompson jock strap ass

Next Door Raw says: Dakota Payne and Nick Thompson are freaky fuckers who can’t keep their hands off of each other.

They get gritty in this hot and spitty Raw.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Gay sex foursome Dillon Diaz, Cole Connor, Eric Charming and Shae Reynolds hardcore ass fucking orgy

Raging Stallion says: Coach Cole Connor and Professor Dillon Diaz are shocked when young students Eric Charming and Shae Reynolds show up at their house trying to exchange their assholes for some easy extra credit.

Never one to say no to an open, raw hole, Cole agrees to the boys’ proposal and immediately shoves his tongue into some smooth student ass with Dillon joining in soon after.

It isn’t long until both daddies are balls deep in the college bros and all four of them are rotating between fucking and sucking every hole and pole in the room.

After both twinks have had a turn riding each available daddy dick, Shae asks to see the two older hunks fuck each other. More than happy to oblige, Cole squeezes his thick meat into the professor’s ass.

Dillon quickly returns the favor by stretching out the coach’s hole with his stiff cock before Cole is ready to give both Eric and Shae a soaking wet facial.

Covered in a sea of coach cum, both students blow their loads onto Dillon’s face, who then shoots his creamy milk into Cole’s open and ready mouth.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Dylan Anderson’s huge thick uncut dick bareback fucking Nate Anderson’s hot asshole

Bentley Race says: I wanted to get our mates Dylan Anderson and Nate Anderson together for one more shoot before we started our winter break.

The guys made a really hot video in their first shoot together last year.

Since I was spending a few days in the spa suite I wanted to get the guys over for some speedo shots in the hot tub.

Well, the speedos didn’t stay on very long as the guys started kissing and fooling around in the hot water.

The photos of the guys making out in the tub look great.

But wait till you see the video of Nate riding on Dylan’s cock.

They dry off and head to the bed where Dylan keeps hammering Nate until he blows his load across the bed.

I knew they would have fun making a new video.

And I’m glad we got the chance to do it before the break.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Football Socks fuck Lucas Davidson’s huge uncut dick fucking horny stud Josh Jared’s tight asshole

Hard Brit Lads says: Horny young lads Lucas Davidson and Josh Jared start off on the sofa, Lucas in red, Josh in blue sports kit. As they kiss they get a feel of each other’s bodies while groping crotches.

They take off their sports vests and take turns licking and sucking each other’s nipples whilst rubbing each other’s bulges. They remove their sports shorts, leaving them in just their undies and sport socks.

Josh wears white skimpy cotton briefs and his dick is stiff as a flag pole as it strains to get out. Lucas wears tight boxer briefs that are semi-see-thru. Very hot! Lucas pulls down his undies and Josh takes hold of it at the base.

Opening his mouth wide, Josh slurps on the fat head, getting it nice and wet. But it’s so thick that Josh strains to take it all. He doesn’t suck deep, it’s way too thick for his mouth. But he tries, keeping it nice and sloppy. Lucas reaches round to release Josh’s hard dick from the side of his briefs, jerking him off as he gets a good blowjob.

Josh sits up to kiss Lucas, giving his aching jaw a break, then leans back into the sofa to get his own dick sucked. Lucas gets right down to some deep, firm oral action, then fully deepthroats Josh to the base, with an amazing bit of sustained deepthroat. Eager to get that thick meat back down his gob, Josh gives Lucas another great sucking, managing to get deeper this time.

As he gets his second great blowjob, Lucas feels Josh’s perfect butt, squeezing his butt cheeks then pushing his fingers into the tight little hole. They change position. Josh is on his back on the sofa, legs apart, and Lucas gets Josh’s hole wet with plenty of spit, then pushes his finger in to stretch him open.

With his cock rock hard, Josh pushes it up between his legs. Lucas sucks on it while fingering him, giving both his dick and hole a very horny seeing to. Feeling horny to fuck, Lucas lays on his back, holding his fat cock straight up. Josh squats over it, facing us, and Lucas pushes the thick shaft into his hole.

It goes in about halfway at first, which is as much as Josh can take. They start off slow, then Lucas pushes the rest of his cock in, all the way to the base, giving that tight hole a real stretching. The fucking gets harder and faster. Josh’s dick throbs throughout. He clearly loves the feel of such a thick cock inside him.

Next, Josh is on his back on the sofa, on his side, facing us, one leg up on Lucas’s shoulder. Lucas pushes his dick back into Josh’s sexy little arse, and gets back to fucking, keeping it steady. Lucas takes some deep sniffs of Josh’s sport socks as he pounds him, and Josh tries to keep his hands off his throbbing cock.

Lucas pulls out and yanks the condom off. He moves around and squats on the arm of the sofa, big heavy balls in Josh’s face. Josh leans in to lick his balls and a moment later, Josh squirts powerful jets of hot liquid spunk all the way up his chest, landing on his shoulder and pecs, then dribbling down his chest.

The sight pushes Lucas over the edge, and as Josh opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out, Lucas pumps out streams of thick white spunk, landing on his face and tongue, and dripping down his chin.

He slurps on the thick cum covered cock, swallowing every last drop.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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